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Introducing Reliant Shirts


‘Reliant’ is one of the brand names belonging to HR Denne Ltd. Our pedigree is steeped in history dating back to the mid 1800s in the East End of London.

S7331Today Reliant is a modern progressive brand, utilising the most modern computerised stock control systems with global sales outlets and production control offices overseas to ensure our high quality standard endorsed by our ISO9002 quality certification. Our garments are ethically produced and the Reliant brand is endorsed and accredited by the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO).

Included in our range of Clergy shirts are:

  • Tab/Sic shirts available in 1” and 1.25” collar heights;
  • Neckband shirts;
  • Tonsure shirts;
  • Back fastening shirts;
  • Tunic shirts;
  • Regular collar clergy shirts and
  • Ladies clergy shirts.

Also stocked are our accessory range of Sta-white collars; vicar collars, Tab Collar plastic inserts and collar studs. Also stocked and manufactured are a range of Old English Surplice and American style Surplice.

View our entire range.

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